Research: Nordic diet may help with weight loss.


Diet common to Scandinavian countries may assist with short term weight loss.

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The Nordic diet incorporates many foods that commonly consumed by people in the Nordic countries. Thee countries include Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. Several studies have looked at the health benefits of consuming foods that many of the inhabitants of this region. Studies on the effect of the Nordic diet on body weight and obesity delivered conflicted results in the past.

Compared to an average Western diet, it contains less sugar and fat but twice the fiber. The diet is high in beans, berries, breads (whole grain such as rye), dairy (low fat, fish, fruits, grains (less processed), nuts, potatoes, vegetables, potatoes, seafood, and seeds. The diet has reduced consumptions of meat, eggs, and high fat dairy. The cooking oil used tends to be canola. The inhabitants avoid red meat and processed foods to include sugar, fast foods, and fatty meats.

A new study which evaluated the Nordic diet was released in 2019​[1]​. This study was based on a review and analysis of prior performed randomized controlled clinical trials which examined the effect of the Nordic diet on body weight and composition. In total, the researched included seven studies with 774 participants. Five studies had illustrated the effect of the Nordic diet on weight, three on waist circumference, two on body fat, and two on body mass index. The analysis of eligible trials showed that those adhered to the Nordic diet lost 1.8 kg or 4 pounds.

The bottom line: The Nordic diet appears to significantly improves body weight and results in fat loss, but prior studies were contradicting. There is also no certainty that this diet is effective ink other populations. Although the results appear promising, future studies regarding the effect of the Nordic diet on weight and body composition in other ethnic populations.

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