Research: Prebiotics may help with weight loss.


Probiotics promote satiety and increase weight loss.


Prebiotics are a type of fiber that the human body cannot digest. They serve as food for probiotic microorganisms. These tiny living microorganisms have may helpful effects on our digestive track and health. Both prebiotics and probiotics may support helpful bacteria and other organisms in the gut and thus assist with satiety and weight loss.

A study from 2020 looked at prebiotics and their effect on weight loss​[1]​. This preliminary clinical study reveals the possibilities of a weight loss with a prebiotic formula for weight management and metabolic improvement. Considering the convenience, passive diets are a popular choice for some people for weight management. You can consider this type fo diet a lazy man’s diet, but it can also be used as an adjunct to any diet.

The synergic effect between passive diet kits and prebiotics has seldom been reported. The two-month study enrolled ninety volunteers. The subjects assigned them to normal diet, weight loss program kit, or weight loss program kit with the prebiotic formula groups. Anthropometric measurements, biochemical analysis, and fecal microbiome analysis were conducted at the baseline and 1 and 2 months.

The prebiotic formula could reduce weight mass, fat mass, visceral fat, body fat percentage, triglyceride, total cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol of the subjects by 0.5 kg, 0.7 kg, 9 cm2, 0.6%, 2%, 1.6%, 1.2%, respectively. All of the results were significant and show that the prebiotic assisted with weight loss.

The bottom line: Prebiotics promote satiety and weight loss. The increased probiotics in human intestines and comprehensively improve body weight and metabolic disorders. I recommend the addition of probiotics in your diet even if you are not trying to lose weight.


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