Research: Study confirms link between walnuts intake and weight loss

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Walnut consumption tied to weight reduction and improved satiety

Everyone who is trying to lose weight is looking for a strategy to assist them in their endeavor.  Dietary strategies may help patients adhere to a weight reduction diet or limit their hunger thus limit their odds of splurging.  Anything that may increase the likelihood of weight loss maintenance will improve the long-term chance of weight loss success.  Recently, I posted an article to review a study that indicated a link between walnut consumption and weight reduction.  The research is far from definitive, but the evidence is growing.  Regular nut consumption has been associated improved cholesterol and a lower risk of heart disease and metabolic syndrome.  The question is will nuts help with better weight management and less adiposity. 

A recent study from 2017 looked this same question[1].  The objective of the study was to compare the effects of a walnut-enriched reduced-energy diet to a standard reduced-energy-density diet on weight, cardiovascular disease risk factors, and satiety.  The subjects were a group of 100 overweight, obese men and women.  The subjects were randomly assigned to groups that were placed on a standard reduced-energy-density diet or a walnut-enriched (15% of energy) reduced-energy diet in an attempt to induce weight loss.  The researchers reviewed body weight and satiety at baseline, 3-months, and 6-months. Both study groups experienced a significant reduction in body weight, body mass index, satiety, and waist circumference.  Although, this study showed no significant difference in the above metrics, the walnut group was superior for both cholesterol and blood pressure reduction.  

The bottom line:  These findings provide further evidence that a walnut-enriched reduced-energy diet can promote weight loss.  Between the two studies, there is considerable evidence that walnuts are a healthy part of your weight loss diet and may help induce satiety.   Although weight loss in response to both dietary strategies was associated with improvements in cardiovascular disease risk factors, the walnut-enriched diet promoted more favorable effects on LDL and systolic blood pressure.  I recommend you add a serving of walnuts every day if you can tolerate them.

[1]Rock et al., “Walnut Consumption in a Weight Reduction Intervention: Effects on Body Weight, Biological Measures, Blood Pressure and Satiety.”


  1. Rock, Cheryl L., Shirley W. Flatt, Hava-Shoshana Barkai, Bilge Pakiz, and Dennis D. Heath. “Walnut Consumption in a Weight Reduction Intervention: Effects on Body Weight, Biological Measures, Blood Pressure and Satiety.” Nutrition Journal 16, no. 1 (December 2017).

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