Research: Time-restricted​ eating improves sleep.

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Reducing meal size through time can improve sleep quality.

Sleeping Child
Sleeping Child

Prior research has looked at time-restricted feeing as means to promote weight loss. This research proved that it will result in less calorie consumption, a lower risk of metabolic syndrome, and weight loss. It makes perfect sense that if you shorten feeding times, less food will be eaten and subjects will lose weight.

Time-restricted feeding quite simply is a method of reducing food consumption by shortening the period of food consumption. Time-restricted feeding is truly a means to use time to enforce portion control by limiting the time of consumption. Currently time-restricted food consumption is growing steam and many dieters.The problem is That the evidence is not sufficient for most medicapl rofessionals to recommend this form of dieting.

The good news is that research from 2018 relooked at this for the topic. The study was performed at Cornell University​[1]​. The researchers looked at time-restricted feeding and consuming all of one’s calories within a shorter period of time during meals. during the study, researchers looked at the short-term effects of time-restricted feeding on weight and sleep duration and quality in adults. 60 adults were enrolled and participated in the studies.

Researchers used Bluetooth scales and questionnaires to acquire date during the two-week study. The data revealed that two weeks was not sufficient to make a change in weight, but time-restricted feeding appeared sleep quality.

The bottom line: Time-restricted feeding appears to improve sleep quality in as little as two weeks. I suspect that two-weeks is not a sufficient length of time to promote significant weight loss in the majority of individuals. I would like to see a longer study they could provide more data and insight for both weight loss and sleep duration.


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