Research: Worksite weight control programs help keep the weight off

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Worksite weight control programs help workers lose weight and keep it off.

Businesswoman Doing Stretching Exercise In the Workplace
Businesswoman Doing Stretching Exercise In the Workplace

Prior research on worksite weight loss programs has found that such programs assist with weight loss. In fact, I wrote a post in the past that looked at research on weight loss and reduced absenteeism. It makes sense that this would work because it would encourage weight loss and healthy choices during the most stressful part of our days.

Due to prior research, the researchers know that worksite‐based programs are a simple and effective approach to facilitate weight reduction in employees​[1]​. Prior to this new study, research has generally focused on the short‐term effects of weight reduction programs and not on maintenance. Little is actually known about long‐term weight maintenance.

The researchers in this 2019 study examined the long‐term maintenance effects of a worksite‐based weight reduction program among Japanese men with cardiovascular risk factors​[2]​. The subject of the study comprised of 58 overweight men with cardiovascular risk factors who had voluntarily participated in a randomized trial involving a 3‐month weight reduction program. Participants were followed up for 1 year after the trial to look at maintenance. The subjects were randomized and some were given Jobsite based maintenance programs.

The researchers found that study participants achieved weight loss during the weight reduction program. A total of 53 participants completed the 12‐month post‐trial follow‐up. There were no significant changes in mean body weight and other cardiovascular risk factors at the end of the follow‐up period in those with a job-site maintenance program.

The bottom line: Work or job-site based weight loss programs promote successful weight loss and maintenance. This study further backs up the prior research on weight loss and shows that it also helps maintain the loss. I would recommend that more businesses add weight loss programs to their health plans. Health care is expensive and programs to help with weight loss should reduce cost and absenteeism.


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