Road Bump: Airport and Airplane Food

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Airport Food: The options are slim and unhealthy.

Airline meal

I am in the airport in Dallas and I have to say it is a nice airport.  With a 2 hour layover, I have plenty of time to walk steps in the airport.  The open area and walkways between terminals will allowed me to get in about 5000 steps.  

The food is not exactly healthy.  I had to struggle to find a snack that was healthy.  I had a Diet Coke and some fruit.  I had to do some searching to find fruit.  There was plenty of junk food in the way of candy, chips, hot pretzels, fast food, and of course booze.  

Bischoff Nutrition
Bischoff Nutrition

On the plane: The snack was a Bischoff’s Biscuit.  I am not sure of the nutritional value of a Bishoff’s Biscuit but I am certain it is not high in fiber or protein.  I ate them and after the flight, I was pleasantly surprise when I looked them up.  Not great in fiber, but 2 grams of protein is more than I expected.  

The bottom line: Travel food to inlcude nearly all of those found on airplanes and in airports is a virtual minefield of road bumps againstdietary suiccess. Choose wifely!

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