Road Bump: Ice Cream

Ice cream

Ice Cream: The Frozen Nectar of Satan

Ice cream is a fantastic thing unless of course, you are lactose intolerant then it is worse than the frozen nectar of stain.  You can get the yogurt version or lactose-free but they are not the same.  Ice cream is sweet can creamy cold goodness that our parents reward us with when we were kids and we crave as adults.  It must cause the release of endorphins (brain opiates) or something because it is quite addictive.

Ice Cream Thought

Recommendations: As good as this thought my sound, it is not realistic.  Avoid fat and sugar-free varieties because they are vile and nasty.  Treat yourself but, buy single serving lower calorie bars.  The big thing is portion control and stopping at one portion.  These can be readily incorporated into your diet and help with your success.  I like Enlightened, Skinny Cow, or Yasso.  I will do a review shortly.  

Avoid this Ice Cream.
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