Editorial: The 10,000 steps goal is insistent with reality.

Is the 10,000 step goal effect for weight loss?

Many Americans are focused on a 10,000 step goal.  Our smartwatches and cell phones all recommend reaching this goal.  No matter whether you are new to weight loss and exercise or if you are a seasoned power walker, I am sure you too have focused on this goal. The question is whether this is based upon science or is this just some arbitrary number that means absolutely nothing weight-loss.  

Editorial: No diet is superior!

Pick a diet that works for you and limits processed food!

Nutrition and medical experts have long debated what the most optimal diet is.  Some argue for moderation and portion control; others suggest that Keto or Adkin’s diets are superior, and a few even suggest that a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle for there is an optimal diet that humans evolved to eat. But a study published this month adds a twist. It found that there is likely no single natural diet that is best for human health.


Research: Combined dietary and exercise results in superior weight loss

Dietary and exercise combined are superior for fat loss than diet alone.

If you are like most Americans and you look in the mirror, you most certainly notice that your fat storage is around your belly.   Sure we all want abdominals of steel, but in reality, it is extremely unlikely most fo use will get there.  You can do crunches until your eyes meet and you will still be a little soft in the middle.  It has long been recognized that a slim waistline is made in the kitchen and not the gym, but many people have assumed that this means that the gym or exercise is not needed.   


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