Editorial: The best feeling is when your pants begin to fit better

Better fitting drawers make all the difference in your confidence!

We have all felt that dread of sliding on your favorite pair of jeans and them not fitting at all or quite right.  A few years ago, I gained weight up to 265 and I could not fit in any of my clothes.  My uniforms fit so tight that my confidence was shot.  I almost gave up when the weight did not come off as quick as I wanted.  Then, magically (not really magic, it was hard work), the pants began to slowly fit better each week until they fit perfectly.    


Editorial: The truth about cinnamon and weight loss.

The facts about cinnamon, your metabolism, satiety, and weight loss

I recently read a blog post by a dietician who was slamming cinnamon and the medical and scientific community that has touted its benefits for weight loss.  The self-proclaimed “expert” suggested that readers put on their BS detectors in the first paragraph.  This is pretty telling that he is not approaching the topic with any semblance of openmindedness.   It is a textbook case of bias.  So what are the facts?  


Editorial: Moderate of carbohydrates is the key for health and weight loss

Reducing carbohydrates intake is essential for weight loss.

Low-carb diets are commonplace in our society.  You will be hard pressed to find a single individual that has not tried on the form of this dietary spectrum or another.  Many of these diets replace carbohydrates with proteins and/or fats.  The low carb craze is nothing new.  The craze, as I like to call it, has been around for well over a century if not two.  I have tried it and will admit that it does work and can work fast, but it is likely not healthy.


Editorial: My scale is a dirty liar!

Scales misrepresent your weight more than you think.

Nearly all dieters use a scale to judge their weight loss success and all of us have looked down at the scale dejected when we did not see the success we expected.  I, personally, have gone from 231 to 224 pounds in 2 months.  I would have expected to lose about 16 pounds but yet I have lost only 7 pounds.  It is easy to lose confidence when there is less progress denoted on the digital scale.


Editorial: The truth about energy drinks

Are energy drinks bad for you?

We have all been there.  It was a long night and you tossed and turned.  You may have had a late night of work followed by a dinner that haunted you.  You may have even had a nightcap or two.  Now, it is 9 am and you are dragging at work or school.  Now, that energy drink is calling your name.  It really is easy to give in and reach for a tall, monster-sized drink of instant octane in the cooler.  The questions are if they are really that bad for you or is this just hype from the healthy nuts?  


Editorial: Day 1 of starting a new path to better health

Today you plan to start an anew, but what is next?  

You are planning a new diet or a new pathway to better health.  So you aren’t sure of how to where to start? Don’t worry! This concern or question is one of the most asked questions for new dieters.  To survive droughts or period of less, we have built of this ability to store for a rainy day, but that day never comes.  Our fat does not run over our belt, and it is time to make a change.  Our storage of energy as adipose fat tissue is not in excess, and we need a self intervention to make a difference.  Don’t fret; the help you need is no farther than your own kitchen.  


Editorial: Pizza is not a vegetable, but you gotta make foods kids will eat.

Michelle Obama was right but missed the mark in her methods.

Before you start reading, I am fairly conservative and a Ronald Reagan fan.  I consider him to be the best president in the 50 years I have been on this planet.  If this offends you, I suggest you stop reading now.  In preparing for this article, I read a few articles on the lobbies that tried to have ketchup and pizza declared a vegetable.  Various lobbies over the years have created an effort to get the US Department of Agriculture and the Department of Education to recognize them as a vegetable.


Editorial: holiday weekend: the enemy of weight loss

Holiday weekend – a weight loss challenge.  

Weight loss during the week is easy.  Holidays and weekends are a challenge.  We made it through November and December.  Now, welcome to January.  I am headed into the 4 days weekend: the weekend of the MLK holiday.  The holiday weekends are not helpful for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.   Family and friends make is near impossible to make healthy choices.  Gaining weight on weekends when you like to relax and watch TV is almost certain.  I almost dread the time off because I know I will be playing catchup the following week.  


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