Editorial: The 10,000 steps goal is insistent with reality.

Is the 10,000 step goal effect for weight loss?

Many Americans are focused on a 10,000 step goal.  Our smartwatches and cell phones all recommend reaching this goal.  No matter whether you are new to weight loss and exercise or if you are a seasoned power walker, I am sure you too have focused on this goal. The question is whether this is based upon science or is this just some arbitrary number that means absolutely nothing weight-loss.  

List: Ten reasons to eat more chocolate

Reasons to eat more dark chocolate.

Do you really need a reason to eat more chocolate?  Probably not!  Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food.  Chocolate is one of the simple pleasures in life that has been tied to just about any benefit you can imagine.  People claim it can reduce stress, protect your heart, and acts as an aphrodisiac.  


Research: Pattern of steps is associated with weight loss.

Pedometers may help weight loss after all

Pedometers are all the rage today.  From the Fitbit to the Apple Watch, it is hard to find someone without one on their wrists.  I personally wear one on each wrist.  I wind the motivations and functionality of the Apple Watch to be superior, but the step counts to better on the Fitbit.  The problem with pedometers is that there is scant evidence to show they help for weight loss.  


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