metabolic syndrome

Research: Does chromium picolinate improve weight loss?

The evidence does not support chromium supplements for weight loss.  

Chromium picolinate has long been touted as a miracle supplement for weight loss and blood sugar stabilization.  It has been suggested as a supplement for diabetic type 2 patients because this metabolic syndrome should improve with blood sugar stabilization and weight loss.  


Research: High-protein diet improves weight loss and metabolic syndrome

A high-protein diet may be the answer for weight loss and metabolic syndrome.

The high protein lifestyle has been recommended for weight loss for years.  Some argue that fat and protein from meat is the cause of obesity.  Many are beginning to suggest that we should avoid protein and in particular meat because it makes us unhealthy.  I would argue that the answer is a more balanced meal.  Multiple studies have shown that protein-enriched diets can lead to greater weight loss and improvements in the markers of metabolic syndrome than standard protein diets.


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