Research: Walnuts can help with weight loss

A daily serving of walnuts may help shed extra pounds.  

Walnuts are readily available year-round in just about every grocery store on the planet.   They are a delicious source of protein and healthy fats.  Walnuts are well documented to be high in antioxidants and helpful in lowering your “bad” cholesterol.  The key is walnuts are high in monounsaturated fats which are the “good fats” found in foods like almonds, avocados, peanuts, and olive oil.  


Research: Walnut consumption may assist with weight loss.

Walnuts appear to activate the brain region associated with appetite control

I am always amazed at the health benefits of nut consumption in moderation.  I wrote about the benefits of peanut butter in “Peanut Butter: Can I eat it and lose weight?” and nuts in general in “Weight Loss Tips: Go Nuts.”  I literally could go nuts writing about the health benefits of nuts because the benefits seem endless.  Regardless, I am going to write about one more, and that is walnuts and weight loss.  


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