Research: App based self-monitoring works in weight loss

Cell phone apps that self-monitor can assist with  weight loss

A discussed in multiple other research projects, self-monitoring of dietary intake is essential for successful weight loss.  Self-monitoring is one means of behavioral weight loss treatment, but most of the research has been done through paper journals and logs. Past research has shown that people often start with the goal of recording their food intake.  Despite early success, most fail to continue over time. Very little research has involved newer cell phone applications as a means to monitor.  The good news is that today, you have multiple options to follow your diet, weight, exercise, and just about anything that might affect weight loss.


Research: Effect of high-protein meal replacement on weight and cardiac risks

High-protein may assist with weight control and lower cardiac risk.

Higher protein diets are still a common approach to weight loss.  Most dieters have tried them.  The problem with suggesting them is that there is limited research to support their use and some research shows that the addition of many sources of protein may actually increase your risk of heart disease.   Any future research that might show higher protein diets lower cardiometabolic risk factors would potentially indicate that higher protein diets that result in weight loss might have a place in treating diabetes and heart disease.    


Research: Predictors of successful weight maintenance

Weight maintenance is tied to lower food addiction and higher inhibition

Weight regain happens in nearly every person that is successful at losing weight. Most dieters who attempt weight loss are able to lose the weight but the big challenge is keeping it off.  Few are able to sustain the changes in behavior required to prevent subsequent weight regain and following a weight loss intervention, most dieters drift back to the same habits that caused them to gain the weight.   If we are able to identify the common factors that predict successful weight maintenance, we might be able to improve to odds of weight maintenance.


Research: A portion-controlled diet Is more effective for weight loss

Portion control actually works for weight loss.

Weight loss should be as simple as eating fewer calories ends in less weight on your torso.  Sure, it sounds so simple as not eat or drink too much, but, unfortunately, weight loss is not this simple.  This is why many of the worlds are now struggling with being overweight or obese.  In practice, it is too easy to eat or drink more than you have planned.  The question has always been how do we keep our servings eaten to the correct portion size.  


Reseach: Does coconut oil assist with weight loss?

Does coconut oil help with weight loss or is it another fad?  

n recent years, coconut oil has been touted as one of the healthy fats and many think it is a cure for everything to include diabetes type 2, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and obesity.  Currently, because of what I like to call the ketokraze, coconut oil is being widely promoted for weight-loss.  While I would not vilify coconut oil, the claims of benefits might be a tab bit outlandish.  There are only a few studies that have looked at the benefit of coconut oil on weight loss and, in my opinion, the results are spotty at best.


Research: Effect of 8-Hour Time Restricted Feeding on Body Weight

Restricting feeding hours can help you lose weight.

Fasting for weight loss is one of the most common diets of the current age.  Restricted time diets are just another form of intermittent fasting.  Counting calories is difficult and near impossible for some.  Time-restricted eating is a type of diet that focuses on the timing of eating instead of counting calories.  and, instead of limiting the types of food or number of calories that people consume, an intermittent fasting diet restricts the periods of time they can eat your meals.   On a time-restricted or intermittent fasting diet, you will only eat during specific hours of the day.  Outside of this period, you will not eat and thus it is a fasting diet.


Research: Cloves may inhibit fat deposition and lower insulin resistance

Cloves may reduce both fat deposition and insulin resistance.

Clove is one of the many key spices used in Indian cuisine.  It is also found in many seasonal recipes in the United States.  I love adding a dash to my eggnog.  A little dab of ground clove goes a long way to maximizing the taste it adds to any recipe.  For years, it has also been recommended as a potential remedy for multiple ailments to include diabetes and obesity.  Beyond the great flavor, many of these health claims are poorly supported by research.  


Research: An evaluation of a commercial weight loss program on weight and body circumference

Nutrisystem® may show promise at reducing weight and body circumference

Few if any commercial weight loss programs have research to back up their use for short or long term weight loss.   Commercial diet plans are readily available to the most weight conscious consumer, but their cost may not be worth the investment because the evidence on their effectiveness for promoting weight loss is lacking.  There is some evidence to support the use of portion-controlled diets such as Nutrisystem ®.


Research: Caraway may reduce appetite

Caraway may promote satiety.

Spices can make your food taste better.  If your food tastes better, it might promote satiety.   Caraway seeds have a pungent flavor that comes from the compounds that make it unique.   Caraway is used to flavor bread, rice, and many sausages.  Caraway seeds taste great, but could they weight loss and reduce body weight through increased satiety.  


Research: Can lemon water assist weight loss?

Lemon water may help with weight loss.  

Lemons are often promoted as a magical weight loss food that will help the drinker lose weight with no addition of any other activities or changes to your diet.  It sounds like a bridge too far.  I discussed lemons water and the research behind it over a year ago.  There are a few theories as to why lemons may help with weight loss, and we will discuss them and whether they are true.  


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