weight loss

Progress report: 4 February 2018

Back in the saddle again.  

It is down to go time.  I have 2 months till my next PT test and weight in.  I have really missed up and I have about 16 pounds to lose to make weight.  This amount of weight loss is not outside the realm of possibility.  It is time to buckle down, helmet up, and make this possibility a reality.  In recent weeks, I have indulged too much.  It is time to turn off the indulgence engine and start working toward this goal.


Road Bump: Travel and Vacation

Okay, I have been tasked to go on a business trip.  You know the kind of trip that has mandatory fun to include mixers.  The mixers are sold at times to network with your colleagues from all around the country.  They feature mixed drinks, high-calorie finger foods, and best of all plenty of time seated in lecture halls hearing about the next great way to improve the business.  Unfortunately, most have zero time to exercise built into the schedule.  There is no wonder why we tend to gain weight and come back from business tips heavier than when we left. 


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