weight loss

Progress Report: 22 February 2019

Another week down about 8 weeks to go.  

It has been a decent week.  I am down a few pounds.  I started the week at about 228-229 and with 4-5 pounds lost.  I am not sure how accurate it is.  I have not noticed any difference in the mirror, but I fell lighter on my feet and have a little more energy.  I have not done a waist circumference, but my pants are less tight.  


Weight loss tip: Add Aronia berries or chokeberries to your diet

Chokeberries may reduce weight gain and modulate insulin

What the heck is a chokeberry?  The Chokeberry is of the Aronia genus of deciduous shrubs.  The shrubs that grow the berries are native to eastern North America and most commonly found in wet woods and swamps and many feel they a nuisance or weed.  Chokeberries are cultivated as ornamental plants and as food products. The berries are small 1 cm fruits that have relatively thick, pigmented skin that come in several colors to include black, red, and blue.


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