Ten Alcohol Containing Beverages To Avoid When Dieting


Ten beverages that will pack on the pounds.  

I think we all like having a drink during a social event.  The problem is these babies are full of empty calories, but not all drinks are created equal.  Some, in particular, are high in fat and sugar.  The empty calories are the reason you should choose wisely when you decide to drink.  This article will be a list of ten beverages that I recommend that you avoid when dieting.  I will use standard drink sizes to compare them which is 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of mixed drink or wine, and 1.5 ounces of spirits.  

Drinks to avoid:

  1. Glass of Beer

    Glass of Beer

     Craft Beers: The era of micro-brewery has not been good for your waistline.  These babies tend to be higher in alcohol and carbohydrates.  These are incredibly dense, and I would recommend you avoid it at all costs especially the darker varieties.  Some can have as much as 10 percent alcohol by volume and as many as 500 calories per 12-ounce serving.   

  2. Margaritas: I absolutely love a margarita with Mexican or Tex-Mex food.  The salty-citrus flavor can really top off this meal.  The problem is that these babies are packed with empty calories.  A 5-ounce margarita has about 350 calories, but the problem is I have never seen one that size.  They typically come in 12, 16, 24, and 36-ounce sizes.  These would have approximately 450, 560, 900, and 1350 calories.  
  3. Long Island Iced Tea: This beverage is full of multiple types of alcohol.  It is so high in empty calories that it would take a long run for an hour to burn off the calories.  If you had 5-ounces, it might not be as bad, but these usually come in 7-10 ounces.  In this serving, you can expect 650-800 calories.  
  4. Pina Colada:  These delicious treats remind me of my cruises in the Caribean and the steel drum music that just screams relaxing on the beach during vacation.  It is the perfect mixture of sweet and creamy that makes my mouth scream for more.  The problem is these are loaded with calories.  A 7-10 ounce beverage has 700-900 calories.  
  5. Mai Tai:  I remember my first Mai Tai from college.  These things are like Hawaiian Punch with a mixture of flavors into one glass, but it also packs on the pounds by being full of sugar.  Although I never had a spring break in college, it makes me think of an island getaway during spring.  The calorie count one of these bad boys tops 600 calories for 10 ounces.  
  6. Christmas Cake and Eggnog

    Christmas Cake and Eggnog

    White Russian: This frothy white mixture of coffee flavored liqueur and cream on the rocks will make you taste buds cry for more.  It is truly unique.  The problem is a meager 5 ounce serving tops 400 calories.  

  7. Eggnog: This holiday delight is one I wish I could have all year long and to be honest the cartons in your grocery store do not do justice to the homemade variety.  The problem is it is packed with more fat and calories than a milkshake.  Each serving is over 400 calories also no matter whether you mix it with bourbon, brandy, or your favorite whiskey.   
  8. Flavored martinis: In recent years, the flavor of martinis is only limited by the bartender’s imagination.  They come in everything from watermelon, sour apple, blue raspberry, blackberry, chocolate, lemon, lime, and chocolate mint (grasshopper) flavored.  No matter which one you choose, they are packed with empty calories,  Each serving has 300-500 calories.  
  9. Mudslide: Consider this nothing more than an adult dessert.  It is full of empty calories and not that high in alcohol.  If you must consider sharing this bad boy because it will top out at over 600 calories.  
  10. Frozen Daiquiri: This sweet, fruity, frozen drink is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to packing on pounds. With only 4 ounces of fruit and added sugar from syrup, a daiquiri is essentially full of pure sugar.  Daiquiris contain 500 to 600 calories. 

You can make better choices.  Next week I will post 10 better choices if you decide to drink.  

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