Progress Report: Three Days Down

Progress ReportProgress Report

Three Days Down and All is Well

Fasting Scale

Fasting Scale

I started this little endeavor as a means to see what fasting is like.  After reading the Obesity Code, I have decided that I was fascinated by the concept of fasting and the research behind the book make sense.  If you noticed, I have not posted a link to purchase the book.  I have not been compensated in any way by the author or publisher.   I am not connected in any way to the book.  I read the book after reading a review online.  I can say that I am impressed.   

So, how have done so far?   

I have lost over 4 pounds in 3 days.  As I said before, most fo that is likely water weight.  I have also lost 0.3% body fat.  I will continue this for one more work week and then I will come off of the diet.  


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I am a family physician who has served in the US Army. In 2016, I found myself overweight, out of shape, and unhealthy, so I made a change to improve my health. This blog is the chronology of my path to better health and what I have learned along the way.

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