Visitor Question: Can chili powder assists with weight loss?

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Chili powder may help you lose weight.  

chili powder
chili powder

A visitor to the site asked for chili powder can help with weight loss.  The answer, without a doubt, is: YES.

Chili powder is a traditional smoky and spicy flavored spice that is used in Latin American and Tex-Mex cooking.  The ingredients of chili powder are different from brand to brand, but each is very similar.  Many contain either ancho pepper or cayenne pepper ground up into a powder, but all contain some pepper powder.  Classically, chili powder is a blend of spices to include ancho chile powder, paprika, cumin, and Mexican oregano. Still, many also include spices like coriander, cayenne, and garlic powder to round out individual blends​[1]​.  Chili powder is the ingredient that gives chili the spicy flavor we love, and without it, the dish would be very bland.  

How does chili powder help with weight loss?  Like peppers, pepper powder contains capsaicin which has been shown to boost metabolism​[2]​,​[3]​  and increase satiety​[2]​,​[4]​.  Research shows that capsaicin increases weight loss and assists with a 5-10% increase in successful weight maintenance​[1]​,​[2]​.  Most important, capsaicin appears to liberate fatty acids from fat cells and increases fatty acid oxidation (burning of fat for energy)​[3]​,​[4]​,​[5]​.

The bottom line: Chili powder contains capsaicin, which can help with fat and weight loss and increase satiety.  Chili powder inherits the positive effects of each ingredient since compound spice of multiple ingredients.  If you like the flavor, I highly recommend adding it to your food as long as you control the calorie content and portion size.   


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