Website Review: Summer Yule’s Unrolled Egg Rolls

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This recipe is one heck of a healthier version a Chinese favorite.

Summer Yule’s Unrolled Egg Rolls
Summer Yule’s Unrolled Egg Rolls

I found this recipe after she visit and like another one of my posts. I true love her site. I decided to give this recipe a try and you may see a version of it post on my site because she has truly inspired me. Although many of her recipes are vegan or vegetarian, this recipe contains pork. If you do not like pork, you could add tofu, chicken, or beef.

The recipe: Recipe for Homemade Egg Rolls (Unrolled!)

When you make it, you will experience all of the flavor of this favorite Chinese takeout egg rolls without all of the fat and carbohydrates from the fried outer wrapper. The recipe is moderate in protein and can be supplemented with more vegetables. I added a little but of pepper oil and paste.

The bottom line: Summer swings and hits it out of the park again. This recipe is near perfect for weight loss or maintenance. Keep an eye on my Sunday schedule for this recipe when I publish my healthier version. Thanks for the inspiration, Summer.

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