Weight Loss Tip: Add Fat-Free Broth or Demi-glace

Weight Loss Tip 83 - Add Fat-Free Broth or Demi-glaceWeight Loss Tip 83 - Add Fat-Free Broth or Demi-glace

Fat-free broth or demi-glace can add lots of flavor with minimal calories.   

Weight Loss Tip 83 - Add Fat-Free Broth or Demi-glace

Weight Loss Tip 83 – Add Fat-Free Broth or Demi-glace

Cooking for yourself is not an easy thing. Cooking for yourself can get monotonous but especially if you eat only microwave meals.  I found many ways to help increase the flavor of my meals but many do not reheat well.  One way to increase the flavor in your foods it to add spices and another is to add broth or demi-glace.  Both will add flavor and will increase the moisture to the dish and make it more tender without adding many calories.  

Beef and Chick Broth Nutrition:

Broth Nutrition

Broth Nutrition















Demi-glace Nutrition:

Demi-glace nutrition

Demi-glace nutrition








We all know what broth is, but what is demiglace?  If you’ve ever wondered why all the brown sauces in restaurants are so dense, so smooth, the answer is likely demi-glace.  This ingredient is not exactly a secret of a professional chef, but it is just the type of detail that you might be missing at home. It is simply a broth made from simmering bones and meat with wine for days.  This process extracts the gelatin from the bones and concentrates the flavors into a thick sauce.  

Adding broth or demi-glace is not without a caution.  The two really magnify the flavor of the mean in your recipes but they add salt so if you need to watch your salt intake, discuss the addition of either to your recipes with a medical provider first.  The key to using broth is reducing it to a thicker consistency.  

The bottom line:  Broth and demi-glace can really add to your recipes by making them have a richer flavor and keeping the meat moister through the reheating process.  

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  1. Yes, Chuck, I couldn’t have said it better myself! Deglazing the pan is a fantastic way of gathering all the wonderful flavors together and adding moisture to any dish.

    Thank you for your service!


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