Weight loss tip: Add red pepper flakes

Weight Loss Tip 222 - Add some red pepper flakesWeight Loss Tip 222 - Add some red pepper flakes

Add a hot spice to your meals can help you eat less and lose weight.

Red pepper flakes
Red pepper flakes

Much of the United States likes spicy food, but we are absolutely not the most spice loving region of the world. Indian and Thai foods are among the spiciest foods in the world. My wife and I went to an Indian restaurant the other night. She was tickled because the dish I ordered was very hot and she was treated to dinner and show.

Hot peppers and other spicy foods raise your metabolism. Hot peppers contain capsaicin. This compound is the active element that causes the feeling of heat. Capsaicin is has been linked through research to boost metabolism and reduce your appetite. Although the benefit is modest, any boost can result in weight loss if maintained over time. This effect is not limited to red pepper flakes. Cumin and chili powders have a similar effect.

Also, the spice in the food slows most eaters and they tend to eat less. Add some red pepper flakes to your meal will make you pause between bites to recover. The benefit of eating slower is that you will allow your stomach and brain to synchronize and realize that you are full and have had enough. Eating less means less calories and you will likely lose or maintain your weight.

Weight Loss Tip 222 - Add some red pepper flakes
Weight Loss Tip 222 – Add some red pepper flakes

The bottom line: Eating hot peppers will boost your metabolism, promote satiety, and assist you in eating fewer calories. Eating slower is a great weight-loss strategy and eating spicy food is an easy way to do it.

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