Weight Loss Tip: Add yoga to your exercise plans

Weight Loss Tip 210 - Add yoga to your exercise plansWeight Loss Tip 210 - Add yoga to your exercise plans

Yoga is a great low impact exercise to help with weight loss.

Yoga is a fantastic exercise. It is been touted to help with just about anything you can imagine. Exercise can be stressful on your body and many exercises can create a lot of impact on your joints. Yoga is not only low impact and relaxing, it may also assist with weight loss.

Woman doing yoga
Woman doing yoga

Yoga is an excellent core exercise. It targets the central or core muscles of the body such as the abdominals and the stabilization muscles of the back. The stabilization muscles burn calories and help prevent injuries of the lower back. Preventing injuries help you avoid down time and an hour of exercise involving yoga can burn 300 calories.

It’s important to not forget baseline waistline is made in the kitchen and not the gym, but any calories burned with exercise can have an impact on weight loss. Exercise is just not a good primary means of weight loss. The good news about yoga is that it helps reduce stress and reducing stress can help prevent overeating and anxiety. Stress reduction helps prevent elevated cortisol levels and fat deposition around your waist whixh is a risk factor for heart disease and metbaoilic syndrome.

Weight Loss Tip 210 - Add yoga to your exercise plans
Weight Loss Tip 210 – Add yoga to your exercise plans

The bottom line: Yoga can be an effective tool in preventing obesity and assisting with weight loss. The stress reduction can help prevent central obesity which is worsened by stress and cortisol. I recommend adding yoga to your current exercise regime.

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