Weight loss tip: Avoid seconds

Weight Loss Tip 111 - Avoid SecondsWeight Loss Tip 111 - Avoid Seconds

Only eat that which you need!

Weight Loss Tip 111 - Avoid Seconds

Weight Loss Tip 111 – Avoid Seconds

Portion Control

Portion Control

We have all had it happen to us.  We are at a family dinner with your family or your in-laws.   They push that button with the food you absolutely love.  Mine is sweet potatoes casserole over the holidays.  It can be made so many ways, and I love almost every one of them.  The beauty of the orange color with brown sugar and marshmallows or pecans.  The temptation is nearly irresistible.  

Avoiding second helpings can be a challenge, especially when there is an abundance of delicious foods like you find during Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Do it differently this year and tell your mother or mother-in-law you need want seconds.   It is ok if it spoils and you do not need to feel guilty that kids are starving in some other country.   There no reason for someone to try to guilt trip you into eating more than you want or need.  Make yourself and your health a priority and assert yourself.  You are too

Full Homemade Thanksgiving Dinner

Full Homemade Thanksgiving Dinner with Turkey Stuffing Veggies and Potatoes

important to allow this holiday to derail your diet train.   

I suggest that you avoid going back for seconds at all costs.  There are several things that might help you avoid seconds.   First, make sure that you start off with a reasonable sized plate of food.   Second, if you feel you need to try everything, shrink the portion size so that you can fit it on one plate during the first trip through the line.  Third, There should be no serving dishes on the table.  This will decrease the temptation of that extra helping.  Fourth, start with a glass of water and drink plenty of water during your meal.  Last, chew your food slowly.  Eating slowly will allow you to savor your meal and allow you satiety sensation to catch up with your intake and you will be full by the time you have finished eating.

The bottom line: Simply, do not overeat. Large portions only add excess to your waist.  You need to control your portions to avoid weight gain and the best way to do this is to avoid seconds.  You Can Do it!

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