Weight loss tip: Be wary of herbals

Weight loss tip: Be wary of herbalsWeight loss tip: Be wary of herbals

Avoid most herbal supplements and supplements.


Everyone his looking for a leg up in weight loss. To be honest, I would buy them if they were proven safe by a reputable study and effective at weight loss. The problem is that rarely is there a good study that is not full bias and often the medical experts show shows them to not only be ineffective but also unsafe.

Diet supplements and herbals have become very popular in the past several decades. Many losers have reported using weight loss supplements. If you ask 100 folks which ones to take you get nearly 100 different answers. While many of them may help you lose weight, their safety is dubious and the weight loss is very short lived.

There are many popular varieties on the market and I am going to lump them all together as unsafe and ineffective and you should assume the same. There is no magic bullet solution and nearly all weight loss supplements come with potentially dangerous side effects. This risk should raise serious red flags around these potential weight loss cures.

Before the advent of modern medications, people often relied on herbs for many health problems. Reportedly, they actually worked, but just as often the patient died of toxicity. Because most diet pills are not regulated by the FDA, it can be impossible to know exactly what is in the product. \

Weight loss tip: Be wary of herbals

The bottom line: Avoid supplements and herbal medications. Herbals are not safe and they will not result in lasting weight loss. A healthy diet and exercise are better ways to strip off a few pounds.

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