Weight loss tip: Buy a Pedometer

Weight Loss Tip 67 - BUY A PEDOMETERWeight Loss Tip 67 - BUY A PEDOMETER

A pedometer can keep you honest in getting up from your desk.

Weight Loss Tip 67 - BUY A PEDOMETER

Weight Loss Tip 67 – BUY A PEDOMETER

Insten Pedometer

Insten Pedometer

A pedometer is just a tool for us to measure our progress on a daily basis step by step.  Pedometers are not perfect, but they do give you a sense of how well you are doing on a daily basis.  You can use it as a tool to motivate you to get more exercise. To me, there is something encouraging about seeing that number of steps increase as you progress throughout the day.  I have to admit that the calorie count is inherently inaccurate and the step number can be increased by receptive movements that do not involve steps, but if you are honest with yourself, you will make the most of the numbers without falsifying them.  

I have found that if I get 10,000 steps a day on the average that will lose weight to a more healthy weight.  There is not a lot of science behind the 10,000 step number, but it just plans simple works as long as you do not eat more calories.  Ten thousand steps are roughly 5 miles.  With this distance, the average person will lose weight as long as they eat healthily.  If you eat more than you should, you will need to add extra steps. 

Fior more on pedometers:  Pedometers, Part 3: Why should I buy one? or Pedometers, Part 5: How many steps?.

The bottom line: If you use a pedometer to monitor your daily exercise and eat a moderately healthy diet, you will lose weight.  

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