Weight loss tip: Celebrate your weight loss success!

Weight loss tip 118 - Celebrate your weight loss successWeight loss tip 118 - Celebrate your weight loss success

Little celebrations of your weight loss success can motivate you.  

Weight loss tip 118 - Celebrate your weight loss success

Weight loss tip 118 – Celebrate your weight loss success



Each person’s start on the path to health is different.  Making a behavioral change is only the first step to success.  You have to maintain it, and whether you are losing or maintaining, both require motivation.  The key to success is finding the best path for you and maintain motivation to remain on that track.  A lack of motivation and you will inevitably fail to lose or maintain weight loss, so use a little celebration periodically through our you weight loss to maintain that motivation you need to keep going.  

A lacking in motivation will lead to you becoming discouraged.  You need to identify anything that might lead to a lack of motivation or discourage you from being successful.   Negative thinking is the enemy.  You need to replace anything that might lead to negative emotions and instead main healthy attitudes, emotions, and habits.  Negative emotions will lead to less healthy choices and lower levels of success.   

A good way to identify less successful choices and triggers for missteps is to keep a journal on paper or online.  I reread it regularly to identify mistakes and to gain inspiration.  I often find the celebrations that work for me to maintain motivation and which ones lead to overindulgence.  For example, I cannot stop at one serving of ice cream, and it often triggers me to overeat, but 1/2 serving of M&Ms is a nice treat every week that I am able to maintain my diet and exercise.  

I usually set a goal of 1-2 pounds per week.  If I maintain my diet and make that goal, I can have a treat.  I usually allow myself a serving of M&Ms or a small piece of cake.  The goals is a treat of fewer than 150 calories a serving, but on that, you can stop at this small serving.  You could have a drink or if you want to avoid calories, you could go to the movies.  

The bottom line: Losing pounds is not easy, but it can be easier if you celebrate your successes.  It will build motivation and confidence. 

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