Weight loss tip: Cook your food healthier

Weight Loss Tip 217 - Cook your food healthierWeight Loss Tip 217 - Cook your food healthier

Choosing the right cooking method can help you lose weight.

Cooking time
Cooking time

The way you are cooking may be making you fatter. One key to a slim waist is choosing the right foods, but nearly as important to the food choice is the way you prepare them to be eaten. Certain cooking methods may not only add calories but also may reduce the nutritious benefits that you need from them. I am not just referring to deep drying or drying foods in fats. Instead, consider ways to cook including air frying, baking, grilling, roasting, steaming, poaching, braising and broiling.

Air fryer
Air fryer

Air frying is not only healthy. Air drying reduces the amount of fat need to keep the food from sticking and makes it crisp without all the extra fat caused by deep-frying. These new-fangled cookers can keep the food moist will creating a crispy outside.

Baking is not just old fashioned. Placing your vegetables on a pan with a little olive oil and garlic and really ass a lot of flavors. I never thought I would like Brussel sprouts but I absolutely love them cooked like this. Asparagus is another one that is terrific with a little garlic, olive oil, and parmesan cheese.

Broiling is good for steaks and poultry. Broiling is cooking your food at higher temperatures in the oven. This high-heat blast can really ass some flavor. I like marinating vegetables or meat in vinegar and herbs. For example, balsamic vinegar on onions and broccoli with a little rosemary is delicious and it does not take long to cook.

Braising can have the best of both boiling and broiling. Braising is a combination-cooking method that uses both wet and dry heats. The food is first sautéed or seared at a high temperature, then finished in a covered pot at a lower temperature while sitting in some amount of liquid. By searing the meat, it locks in the flavor and moisture. The cooking is finished with moist heat. It is best for meat, but you can add vegetables to it for flavor.


Grilling is good for both meats and vegetables. There is nothing quite as delicious as a grilled Vidalia onion. You can put it right on the grill or cook them in foil. DELICIOUS! Nearly every food tastes better with a little grill flavor. You to have to cook it slowly and not overcook it because there is some risk for cancer with over charred meat. Just cook it slowly and keep the heat down.

Sautéing can pack in the flavor. Many of you may consider this method just a fancy word for frying, but it can really improve satiety if done right with the right oil. Cooking garlic fast and then adding your meat and vegetables can make the flavor 100% better. The one caveat ius that you must watch how long you cook it or you burn your food.

Roasting is not just for meat. Roasting potatoes, onions, and corn until they are slightly crispy adds a lot of flavors. Chicken breast slathered with spices and roasted is a meal you will not forget. I love putting a little butter or butter replacement on corn with salt and pepper. It is a meal that your family will come back for again and again. If cooked right, it will take less to fill you and it might just help you lose weight.

Steaming vegetables is a great no-added calorie cooking method. You can reduce vitamin loss you get with boiling and lock in the favor with no added calories. The moist-heat cooking method is healthy and it can be used to cook meat too. If you’re watching your weight, it is ideal because it avoids the oil and butter from other methods.

Weight Loss Tip 217 - Cook your food healthier
Weight Loss Tip 217 – Cook your food healthier

The bottom line: Cooking foods the right way can add satiety promoting flavor and may help you avoid the fats and oils. Cooking for food with less oil, sauces, and fat adds unneeded calories that will go right your waist.

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