Weight loss tip: Cut back on processed foods.

Weight loss Tip 121 - Cut back on processed foodsWeight loss Tip 121 - Cut back on processed foods

Weight loss will be easier if you cut out processed foods.  

Weight loss Tip 121 - Cut back on processed foods

Weight loss Tip 121 – Cut back on processed foods

Frozen food

A frozen meal.

Today’s food manufacturers have made our lives much easier.  We no longer have to hunt or gather your food and unfortunately, it takes much less effort from our gut to digest it.  Our foods now come preportioned and ready to pop in the microwave or oven.  It is packed with processed ingredients and more convenient but not more healthy. Not all packaged or pre-made food is bad for you, but you’ll need to

I want to make sure that I stress that not all packaged foods are unhealthy for you.  This being said,  you will need to read nutrition labels and chose wisely.  Many of the boxed meals are high in sugar salt, and fat and low in fiber.  Most of us have drifted toward convenience and away from fresh fruits and vegetables.  You should choose these healthy options, but their intake is not as easy.  For this reason, our diets are high in these preservative and additive laden frozen meals.

So what is the problem?  Processed foods are low in fiber and easily digested.  The easier at which they are digested results in rapid absorption.  Because they are so high in carbohydrates and fat, the rapid absorption results in more rapid fat deposition.  Slow digestion and absorption is ideal because it keeps us full longer and results in less of an insulin spike.  Both an insulin spike and rapid absorption results and a more rapid return of your appetite.  We would prefer for our meals to keep us full longer which woudl result in less snacking between meals.  

After many missteps, I have begun to focus on more whole and fresh foods. Eating unprocessed had become a second nature to me.  I had forgotten how much better real food tastes.   I am nearly 2 years from the point in which I transitioned from frozen meals to wholesome home-cooked meals.  Now I can not believe I ever fell for the processed varieties.  They taste terrible and I do not miss them at all.  In the past, I would get most of my meals from a bag, box, or freezer.  Now I cook my own meals with fresh ingredients.  better than fake food.  After a year of eating less processed foods, I can tell you I feel great.  I have tried several treats that were processed and they taste much better than they did during prior periods of unhealthy eating.  No only dies food taste better, I feel less temptation to eat poorly and I feel full sooner so I eat less.   

The bottom line: Processed foods are terrible for you.  They are full of chemicals and processed ingredients that cause havoc to your health.  I recommend you make a change to meal prepping with whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables because they will keep you full longer.  I have never felt better and I am sure you will have similar results. 

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