Weight Loss Tip: Cut down, not out.

Weight Loss Tip - Cut DownWeight Loss Tip - Cut Down

Moderation and not elimination is the key to weight loss.

This statement is not a new topic.  You have heard me pipe in with the moderation topic and not to vilify foods.  We all question the food choices we make and the amount of food you are eating.  Studies have shown that we do a poor job of judging a portion size or the number of calories we consume.

Avoid the “I’m never gonna eat that again” comment on foods you enjoy.  It is easy for me to say I am not going to ever to eat tripe again because it is revolting to me.  I would not be so successful at say that I am not going o eat cheesecake again.  Bluntly put, outlawing an item that you love will make it even more attractive to you and you will not only crave it but likely eat more of it when you give in the craving.  

Weight Loss Tip - Cut Down

Weight Loss Tip – Cut Down

The low-carb craze has taught me this lesson.  I have heard many patients say they were never going to eat sugar again.  This statement points to the lack of understanding by most patients.  I know what they meant, but the fact is that there is a lot of sugar in many of the foods you eat every day.  You cannot eat zero sugar or zero carbs.  This plan is just not a realistic resolution.  

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