Weight loss tip: Cut the cheese

Cheese is calorie dense and reducing it can assist with weight loss

Wedge of cheese with caraway seeds

Seductive foods that taste great are very tempting when you are restricting intake while trying to lose weight. These foods are addictive and found in just about any restaurant you find. They make fast food nearly impossible to ignore or resist. Many of these foods are not near as bad for your as you might think if you can limit the portion size. With cheese, portion limitation migth be a challenge for some folks.

You must learn which tempting treats can actually help you lose weight and keep it off. It can be helpful to limit the calorie-dense foods that might pack on the pounds. Cheese is a healthy addition to any diet because it is calcium-rich dairy food, but I would suggest this it might be a mistake if you cannot limit your portion. Cheese is also very dense in calories and high in fat. The fat in cheese and dairy can satiate your hunger but also make your calorie count explode.

Weight loss tip: Cut the cheese
Weight loss tip: Cut the cheese

Some experts theorize that your body might burn more fat when it gets enough calcium. This belief is ludicrous. Eating calcium might promote satiety but it is not going to magically burn more calories. A single slice of cheese can have 100 calories or more. Skipping the extra cheese or halving the cheese can maximize your chance of successful weight loss.

The bottom line: Dieters need to cut calories to lose weight. Reducing their intake of fatty dairy foods can be deleterious for weight loss if you do not limit the portion size. The body will not burn more fat when adding calcium, but the two might help promote satiety together.

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