Weight Loss Tip: Develop a Meal Routine

Weight Loss Tip 76 - Develop a Meal RoutineWeight Loss Tip 76 - Develop a Meal Routine

Plan your meal schedule and stick to the routine.  

Weight Loss Tip 76 - Develop a Meal Routine

Weight Loss Tip 76 – Develop a Meal Routine

Meal plans

Meal plans

I have heard a lot of diet experts speak that should eat before you exercise and yet others express the benefits of eating after you exercise.  Some say that you should fast 18 hours a day and other say never fast.  Generally speaking, when you eat your food doesn’t matter except when it comes to bedtime.  The only thing I have found that helps me with weight loss is if I build a meal routine or schedule.   

Why is a routine or schedule necessary?  You can lose and maintain a healthy weight without planning meals, but it sure is easier if you write out menus and meal times for the week.  We have all had a day when our schedule is hectic and out of whack.  You feel drained and less able to meet the needs of you and your family at the end of the day.  Healthy eating habits are not about strict dietary limitations and depriving yourself of the foods you love.  It should be more about getting the food you really need and improving your health.  Instead of eating meals while flying by the seat of your pants in a haphazard manner, develop a plan and stick to it.  You will be less likely to stray from your diet if you develop a routine and plan your meals ahead of time.  

The bottom line: Plan your meals ahead of time and try to stick to a schedule of when you are going to eat.  If you are late eating, you will be more likely to have reflux disease, sleep poorly, and make poor eat choices.  


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