Weight loss tip: Don’t ignore fatigue

Weight Loss Tip 218 - Dont ignore fatigueWeight Loss Tip 218 - Dont ignore fatigue

Fatigue is a symptom you should not ignore.

Fatigued stressed female
Fatigued stressed female

Do you feel tired all of the time while trying to lose weight? Fatigue while dieting is a very common symptom caused by a reduction in calories as you burn up your excess carbohydrates. Some reduction in energy may occur naturally, but it might also be a sign that you need to take a small step back and reduce your diet and training plan.

Face the acts, trying to lose weight can be exhausting. It is simply nto fun but it can be very rewarding. You have to find a balance and recognize when the loss of energy is something else. Failing to act quickly to the energy loss might derail your weight loss plans and send you reaching for comfort food. Below is a list of potential causes that you should address before they derail your path to better health and a healthy weight.

Causes for fatigue that you need to recognize:

  1. Unrealistic goals: Nothing is more deflating than stepping on the scale and seeing that number not where you thought it would be. If you have a realistic weight loss goal, it can be less deflating. Weight loss is very dependent on having the right frame of mind. If you are focused on an unrealistic goal, you will lose energy and quit very quickly. Pick a smaller goal that is realistic and attainable and you will be more likely to meet loose more weight.
  2. Too much exercise: Yes, you heard it here. Too much exercise is a real thing and it can make you body fatigued and focusing its energy on repair and not functioning. A “no pain, no gain” attitude is not a healthy one and it will compound to eventual failure or injury. Start slow and work up to more exercise. If you are too tired, don’t push to do more. Instead, take a step back and recover.
  3. Get enough sleep: Sleep is your body’s recovery time. Sleep is essential for weight loss and maintenance. If you reduce it chronically, it will take a toll on your performance and efficiency. Getting both good quality sleep and enough hours of sleep are key to success in both performance and weight loss. If you wake poorly rested all the time, consider seeing a medical provider.
  4. Eat enough calories: Too large of a calorie restriction can cause fatigue. It is not energy but that is part of it. Too little carbohydrates, fat, or protein all do it as a group or singly. More on each of those next.
  5. Too few carbohydrates: There is a reason we reach for comfort foods that high in carbohydrates. Our brains covet carbohydrates and feel fatigued when we do nto get enough. We can make some, but too tight a restriction is just that: “too little” and your brain and body will become too tired.
  6. Too little fat: Fat promotes satiety and a feeling of euphoria. You need the essential fatty acids and many of the hormones in your body are made from fat and cholesterol. You need some in your diet and there is such a thing as too little.
  7. Protein deficiency: You need protein and the essential amino acids. You cannot make the essential ones and must get a diverse source of protein to acquire them. You need the amino acids to repair your muscles and make the enzymes that allow you to digest the foods you eat. Without them, you will unable to repair your body and will feel tired.
  8. You might be depressed or overly stressed: Depression can be a huge drag on your energy levels. Dieting is stressful by itself and if you have a lot of stress or feel down all the time, it might warrant training that before you try to lose weight. If you go through normal ups and downs that are cyclical, go see a medical provider.
  9. Drinking more water: Our bodies need water even more than they need fat. If you don’t drink enough water, you cause your body to go into a sort of “survival mode”. It tries to retain as much water as possible to protect vital organ functions, and you end up feeling sluggish and fatigued. When you drink plenty of water, everything in your body just works better. Your thoughts are clearer, your organs function better, your joints feel better, your muscles are stronger – and yes, you have much more energy.
Weight Loss Tip 218 - Dont ignore fatigue
Weight Loss Tip 218 – Dont ignore fatigue

The bottom line: Fatigue may be a deeper problem and should not be ignored if you are dieting. You need to look at everything from what you eat and drink, how much sleep you are getting, and your activities. The smallest thing can lead to fatigue and weight loss failure.

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