Weight Loss Tip:  Don’t Skip Meals

Weight Loss Tip - Don't Skip MealsWeight Loss Tip - Don't Skip Meals

Skipping Meals can sabotage your success.

Horse with Feedbag

Horse with Feedbag

Human with feed bag

Human with feed bag – from The Onion

We have all done it.  We plan to have regular meals and life gets in the way.  You slept in today and now eating breakfast is not an option.  Next, because you schedule is so hectic,  you work through lunch time and eat a sandwich at your desk while skimming emails.  Now, you work late and work was too rough that you have come home so tired that you headed to bed or take nap.  Odds are that somewhere in there you are going to get hungry and graze on something and it probably will not healthy.  Opportunity foods are hard to resist if you do not eat at your regular mealtimes. 

I have seen the research about skipped meals and weight loss. I have no doubts that skipping meals will help with weight loss if you truly skip meals and reduce your calories consumed.  The problems is what I have already mentioned.  Opportunity consumption as I will call it.  You skipped lunch and not there is a retirement party with, you guessed it, fried finger foods and the much dreaded CAKE.  You are very hungry and now you are in a feeding frenzy.  You might as well not hide it.  Go ahead and strap on the feed bag because you are gonna splurge.  

Weight Loss Tip - Don't Skip Meals

Weight Loss Tip – Don’t Skip Meals

The bottom line: Over the long haul, skipping meals will likely hurt your weight-loss program and result in grazing, mindless snacking, and an inability to turn down those unhealthy opportunity meals. Limit the times that you skip meals.  The best bet is to develop healthier eating strategies that stick to a plan and keep you on track to meeting your health goals.  

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