Weight loss tip: Eat at home

Weight loss tip: Eat at HomeWeight loss tip: Eat at Home

Eating out less and making your meals is the recipe for more weight loss.

Couple cooking
Couple cooking

A lot of folks will tell that eating at home is healthier than eating out but it also a recipe for weight loss. The average meal that is eaten in a restaurant is near twice the caloric count that is recommended per meal. Not only is high in calories, but restaurant meals are very high in ultra-processed ingredients that are easily digested and will pack on the pounds.

Ultra-processed meals might consist of bread or starch and fatty meats or cheese. They are so easily digested that the satiety that they cause is shortlived. The processing not long reduces the satiety, it removed the fiber, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to operate efficiently. The poor nutrition and increase caloric content are not alleviated by eating at a full-service restaurant.

Weight loss tip: Eat at Home
Weight loss tip: Eat at Home

The bottom line: Eat at home more because a thin waistline is made in the kitchen. A flabby one is maintained in restaurants. Eating at home is a recipe for superior nutrition and lower body weight.

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