Weight loss tip: Eat beans

Weight loss tip: Eat BeansWeight loss tip: Eat Beans

Consuming beans can make you lean.

White Kidney Beans
White Kidney Beans

Beans are not only inexpensive, easy to prepare, and healthy, but they may also help with weight loss. Beans are seeds or legumes that are a staple food around the globe. They have a bad rap for causing gas but this will dissipate over time if you drink enough water and build up your tolerance to the fiber load over time.

Beans have long been touted as a fiber-rich food and they recently been recognized as a source for plant-based proteins that can help improve your health and longevity. For many that struggle with their weight, nearly all beans can help with weight loss because they have fiber and protein that help boost feelings of satiety or fullness. This benefit is legume ride so no matter whether you like lentils, black beans, or kidney beans, they can all help you eat less.

Weight loss tip: Eat Beans

The key with beans is how you cook them. If you pack on the fat with a piece of fatback you might be counteracting the health benefits. You can add plenty of flavor with spices without adding fat or sugar to them.

The bottom line: Beans are an affordable and healthy alternative to meat, fish, and foul. They can help you feel full to assist with weight loss. They will keep you full all day long, but you have to cook them right and avoid added fat or sugar.

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