Weight Loss Tip: Embrace Slow Change

Weight Loss Tip 54 - Embrace Slow ChangeWeight Loss Tip 54 - Embrace Slow Change

Slow change is the key to long term weight loss success.  

Weight Loss Tip 54 - Embrace Slow Change

Weight Loss Tip 54 – Embrace Slow Change

We live in the day of instant gratification.  Every thing we do is fast or quick.  We have fast food, instant oats, and microwave meals.  We can quickly order something online and have it delivered to our door in a matter of days.  Instant is great. However, change is not instant.  The problem is that lasting weight loss is not that easy.  You must lose weight slowly and allow the habit to build to maintain the success.  

[pullquote]‘The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.’ ~Moliere[/pullquote]Transformation is a process that takes some time to complete. Anyone who has started a weight loss or body building program knows this.  Forcing results will make you more frustrated and can dampen your motivation to finish what you started.  Give your body and mind a chance to learn the new plan and get used to the new set point.  

Sure, fast will work at losing weight, but you need a slow, methodical process to develop the follow through for long lasting weight loss and health. Slow weight loss is sustainable because you will learn hour to fit exercise and healthier meals into your busy schedule over time.  Because fast weight loss is often more severe, you are primed for rebound weight loss, and they often make you feel miserable since you deny yourself the foods you desire.  

The bottom line: Long-term weight loss that is maintained requires you to Change your lifestyle.  Start by are focusing on being healthy and by making healthy choices, weight loss will occur, and you will start a new healthy daily routine.  By focusing on healthier habits, you will set the framework for sustained, long-term weight loss.


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