Weight loss tip: Exercise at work.

Weight loss tip 146 - Exercise at workWeight loss tip 146 - Exercise at work

Adding exercise during the workday can assist with weight loss.  

Weight loss tip 146 - Exercise at work

Weight loss tip 146 – Exercise at work

Resting on the Stairs

Resting on the Stairs

Let’s face it,  one of the enemies of a slim waistline is the perpetual seated lifestyle that work has given us.  Unfortunately, there is no quick cure for the seated lifestyle that having a job creates.  You can think of quick cures and easy solutions, but there are none.  The only solution really is to get up from the desk and walk around.  We have created multiple electronic devices including the Apple Watch and Fitbit to encourage us to simply get up and walk around.  Pull out your chair, step away from your desk, and gets some steps.   Reportedly, sitting is the new cancer or smoking habit.  We need to set aside time out to get up and move.

Sitting all day at work puts pressure on your muscles and spine and promotes obesity.   We need to quit being so sedentary and slouching in front of the computer.  

The bottom line:  More steps will lead to a healthier lifestyle and a lower weight.  We need to set a goal, get up, and move around a little.   There is no easy solution other than putting one foot in front of the other and getting more steps.  

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