Weight Loss Tip: Feed Yourself

Weight loss tip 119 - Feed YourselfWeight loss tip 119 - Feed Yourself

Eating too little is almost as bad as eating too much!

Weight loss tip 119 - Feed Yourself

Weight loss tip 119 – Feed Yourself

Prowling fo food

Prowling for food

No, I am not talking about starving yourself.  I am talking about getting enough food.  We have all done it.  You are trying hard to make your diet a success so you try to squeeze out a little more weight loss.  Now you’ve eaten too few calories and you are in deprivation mode.  Eating too little has just turned on your appetite and you have become ravenous for your next meal.  You will soon be on the prowl for whatever crosses your path – no matter how unhealthy.  Eating too little or under eating can play havoc on your progress.  Inadequate food intake can impact not only your performance at work and with exercise, fat loss, energy levels, but also your physical and mental health.  Not only can it hinder these, but it can also lead to overeating or binging.

So how much food is enough?  We all have a warped perspective on exactly how much food is enough.  This perspective leads us to believe that we either had enough or not enough to eat when the opposite is true.  We are just not good at determining what we need or what constitutes a proper serving size.  Eating either too much or too little can be equally devastating because consuming too little can lead you to overeat and consuming too much can lead you to deprive yourself.  Either way, you are likely to eat way too many calories.

The bottom line: Eating too little is almost as bad as eating too much.  Eating too little can backfire and cause you to crave food and binge.  I suggest that you never go any lower than the amount you need to lose 1-2 pounds per week based on your body size.

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