Weight Loss Tip: Fill Up on Fiber

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Fiber is free and fills you up.  

Fill up on fiber

Fill up on fiber

Fill up on fiber.  Fiber is an important part of digestion, but it is also filling and free. Why do I say this?  It can be subtracted from your carbohydrate count because although it is a carbohydrate, you cannot digest it and use it as energy.  For this reason, many modern weight loss programs recommend ample fiber intake to reduce hunger and keep you full longer.  I encourage my patients to eat plenty of high-fiber foods, such as legumes, whole grains, and whole fruits and vegetables.  Why do I emphasize fiber consumption?  A high-fiber diet can help keep you from feeling hungry which will aid with weight loss.

Kick your morning off with a high fiber breakfast.  Whole grain bread or beans can add 8-9 grams of fiber.  The combination of the fiber from whole grain toast and protein from eggs will stave off a growling stomach until lunchtime.  Beans are high in fiber and protein so they may be the best of both.  

I have already posted two articles on this Research Proven Weight Loss: Fiber and Nutrition Tidbit #3: Fiber.  

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