Weight Loss Tip: Focus on Healthy Choices

Weight Loss Tip: Make Healthy ChoicesWeight Loss Tip: Make Healthy Choices

Focus on healthy choices and not the weight on the scale.

We have all done it.  We value the tracking of our weights more than the long game of change your habits.  The problem with scale watching is that you will plateau or our weight loss will slow.  The gradual change makes it easy to get discouraged when you look only at the change in your weight.  If you make healthy choices in both diet and exercise, you will be successful.  The essential part of any diet plan is consitency, moderation, and portion control.    

Weight Loss Tip: Make Healthy Choices

Weight Loss Tip: Make Healthy Choices

I recommend that your goals and plans focus on these healthy changes.  For example, instead of an emphasis on a specific goal like losing a particular number of pounds per week, focus on a lifestyle change such as exercising 30 minutes a day or increasing your vegetables and fruits.  If you make healthy choices in your goal setting, the weight will come with it.  

Keep a journal of the goals and your successes and less successful attempts.  This way you can learn from it and make changes to be more successful.  This journal will provide insight into your strengths and weaknesses and allow you find out how to win at weight loss.  Notice barriers to your success and find ways to conquer them.  


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