Weight loss tip: Focus on the first three months

Weight Loss Tip 238- Focus on the first three monthsWeight Loss Tip 238- Focus on the first three months

The first three months are essential for weight loss.

Weight loss fail.
Weight loss fail.

Losing weight is not easy. Nearly every dieter struggles to lose weight or hits a plateau. Experts will tell you good gradual weight loss is the way to go. It is Victor’s little to no evidence to back up this week. In fact, there is plenty of evidence to back up the contrary.

The key to weight loss is maintaining confidence and not giving up on the plan. A larger amount of weight loss initially can lead to more confidence and more weight initially seems to increase later success. Not only does it increase weight loss success, but initial weight loss can result in higher weight maintenance.

This finding is well supported by research. One such piece of research is the National Weight Control Registry. in this study, those who were successful weight loss were found to have a higher initial weight loss. Not only did the higher degree of initial success lead to subjects meeting their initial goal, it also led to them having a higher degree of maintenance once the weight loss phase was over.

The bottom line: The first one to three months is the most important part of your weight loss plan. If you focus on succeeding and not straying during this period, you will be more likely to be successful in meeting your goal and keeping it off.

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