Weight Loss Tip: Forget About Regular Diets

Weight Loss Tip 66 - Forget About Regular DietsWeight Loss Tip 66 - Forget About Regular Diets

Avoid dieting, eat and exercise better.

Weight Loss Tip 66 - Forget About Regular Diets

Weight Loss Tip 66 – Forget About Regular Diets

Diet or Eat Confusion

Diet or Eat Confusion

Dieting conjures up the thoughts of the Spanish Inquisition or torture in a sweat box in Southeast Asia.  Part of me would rather have bamboo shoots under my finger nails.  To say the least, I am not a fan of the term diet.  A diet is often too restrictive to set you up for long-term success and to be honest; most dieters fall off the wagon almost as quickly as they get on it.  

Personally, I recommend focusing on eating more healthily and adding a little exercise every day.  I am not saying that you can lose weight by just eating healthy because you do need to make a calorie deficit.  I also know exercise does not help as much with weight loss, but it does help with health and fitness.  I try to avoid cutting out specific food groups, but I do try to focus on getting the highest nutrition from the foods I eat.  You are already cutting back a little, and you need to avoid being malnourished of the essential nutrients you cannot make.  I find that eating healthy makes weight loss easier and I feel less deprived.  It may take longer to lose weight with this method, but I am a lot happier. 

Young Woman Tied

Young Woman Tied

The bottom line: Try to make it less of a chore and focus on health and less on dieting. It should not be a choice between eating or starving yourself.  



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