Weight loss tip: Get Competitive

Weight Loss Tip 171 - get competitiveWeight Loss Tip 171 - get competitive

Get Competitive: With Yourself or Your Friends.  

Weight Loss Tip 171 - get competitive

Weight Loss Tip 171 – get competitive



Light a little fire behind you by using a competition with a friend to motivate you.  There is nothing like a bit of competition to get your motor running.  It does not matter whether it is a golf game, shooting hoops, playing chess, or just about any activity, friendly competition can help you improve.  A little competition goes a long way toward improving your game, and it will even help with weight loss, but most importantly, it does not have to be a strenuous race or athletic event.  You can set up an online contest, or at work, you can compete with your spouse, and even yourself.   There is no limit to the options so be inventive.  


Proof you ask?  Look at the Biggest Loser series.  Competition helps with weight loss and makes each participant feed off of the success for one another.  A study published in the journal Obesity looked at a statewide competition from Rhoad Island[1],[2].  The study looked at subjects involved weight loss competition.  The competitors lost an average of 3.2 Kgs weight loss at six weeks and maintained 2.4 Kgs at six months.  Only 5-6 pounds, you might say, but the point is that each pound of weight loss reduces your risk of diabetes by 16%.  

The bottom line: Competition helps weight loss. Although the results were not dramatic, it was significant and research proven.  Remember, successful weight loss is made in the kitchen and not in the gym


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