Weight Loss Tip: Have a grocery shopping strategy

Weight Loss Tip 99 - Have a grocery shopping strategyWeight Loss Tip 99 - Have a grocery shopping strategy

Having a plan is key to grocery shopping success.  

Weight Loss Tip 99 - Have a grocery shopping strategy

Weight Loss Tip 99 – Have a grocery shopping strategy

shopping cart

Shopping cart

You may have a read my articles on only grocery shopping from a list and to make a grocery list.  The articles are subtly different, and both make great points.  Lists do help, but even more than a list if you need a plan or strategy was you walk through the grocery store if you want to conquer your shopping list without buying unhealthy options.  Like a Soldier marching into battle, you should be prepared with a plan of how you are going to fight the temptation to buy the next sale time or that new product that you have never tried.  Just winging it ultimately will lead to failure or defeat more times than not. 

We all know it’s a bad idea to go to the store when you’re hungry, but that’s not the only key to smarter shopping.  I take grocery shopping very seriously because I know buying healthy foods is the key to weight loss and maintenance.  I do make lists, but the list is only part of my shopping strategy.  


Grocery Aisle

Before I walk into the store, I already know my path based on the list I have made.  I use a phone app to make a list that organizes my list based on food location so that I only go to the aisle that I need to enter.    If I do not need to go down the cookie aisle, it is best to avoid it if that is something you crave or enjoy.  

Before you even go into the store, make a list of recipes and ingredients.  It is challenging to shop without planning your recipes ahead of time.  Sure, I have staple foods that I buy nearly every week such as eggs, milk, bread, and water.  Beyond the stables, I have to make organized lists from recipes.  Adlib is not a good strategy to shop if you are on a diet.  You will be more likely to leave the store with more foods you do not need if you randomly meander the store looking for foods to buy.  

From the moment I walk into my local grocery store, I already know my path.  I


Grocery Shelves

Select a cart or basket that s not bigger than I truly need.  I have only one duty, and it is to buy only those things I need.  I widely navigate each aisle to make sure I chose my foods wisely.  Like a Solder in Iraq, I am avoiding those sales on the endcaps like they are IEDs.  These sales are there to get you buy something you do not need.  My path usually avoids the center of the store and the frozen foods.  I shop the fresh produce,  meats, dairy, and meats.  These are all around the periphery.  If I go down the center aisle, it is to go for something on the list, and I am in and out of the aisle as quickly as I got into it.  

You can make a paper list instead of using a cellphone application, but it is not as easy.  The big thing about making a list is organizing it so you can easily navigate the way through the store without hitting a minefield of snack foods.  I just have never been able to organize a list well enough on my own.  If you can make a list and stick to it and thus avoid buying your comfort foods, then written lists with a proper strategy might work for you. 
The bottom line: Plan your grocery trip from start to stop.  Your route through the store should avoid detours down the aisle that do not contain foods you want to buy.  The fewer times you pass an endcap or meandering aimlessly will increase your odds of escaping the trip without buying junk food.  
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