Weight loss tip: Have dessert

Weight Loss Tip 112 - Have DessertWeight Loss Tip 112 - Have Dessert

Dessert is not the enemy.  

Weight Loss Tip 112 - Have Dessert

Weight Loss Tip 112 – Have Dessert


We focus on sweets a being the enemy.  You do not need to deny yourself desserts all the time, in fact, desserts may help you lose weight.  If you deny yourself the treats you desire, you might actually create a situation that might cause you to overeat.  I strongly recommend that you eat the food that tempts you in small amounts.  Avoiding these temptations will likely increase the desire to eat them.  

I suggest that you have a treat that you desire.  Small amounts of the desserts that please you will increase satiety and reduce your desire for more.  This time enjoy the dessert guilt-free.  That being said, be sure you are practicing some portion control because if you do not, you will overeat.   You should compensate for any indulgence by exercising a little more or reducing your caloric consumption the rest of the day.  You could start by ski[[ing an afternoon snack.  

The bottom line: You can still eat dessert and lose weight.  Avoiding the foods that tempt you can increase your intake and hinder weight loss.  I suggest that you have them but in limited portions.  

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