Weight loss tip: Have more sex and lose weight.

Weight Loss Tip 194 - Have sex and lose weightWeight Loss Tip 194 - Have sex and lose weight

People who have sex more often weigh less.  

Weight Loss Tip 194 - Have sex and lose weight

Weight Loss Tip 194 – Have sex and lose weight



Having a healthy weight is part of a healthy life, and many of us are focusing on exercising and eating right in order to attain a healthy weight.  Over 2/3 of Americans are overweight, and we are all struggling to lose it and keep it off.  No matter what diet and exercise plan you may be planning to partake, losing and keeping those extra pounds off might be easier than you thought.   What if I would you that it might be as easy as having sex a more often?  I am sure we would all be having a little more private time with our significant other.  

Sex is good for our health, and it is a form of exercise.  It is not going to burn massive amounts of calories, but, it does burns calories, and you are less likely to eat while having sex, so that is more time spent not eating.  The average person will burn about 3.6 calories per minute having sex and about 80-85 calories per episode[1].  I think the research may have been generous with the length of the average sexual encounter and I wonder how you volunteer for one of these studies, but I digress.  I know that 8o-85 calories do now seem like a lot of calories, but the fact is that this could lead to one pound of weight loss per year if you have sex every week.  

Is exercise the only way weight loss is promoted by sex?  No!  Most importantly, sex also decreases stress and sex makes us happier. Less stress and increase happiness lowers your cortisol and thus will lead to less central obesity.  Less central obesity will lead to lower rate of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and heart disease.  

The bottom line:  The more sex you have, the slimmer you will likely to be.  Is this sex-leanness link because more sex keeps you trim or do lean people have more sex?  It really is an interesting question.  Science has yet to answer this question, but I would actually say “who cares”.  Have sex and enjoy the act.  In my opinion, sex should be firmly integrated into your plan to reach and maintain a healthy weight.


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