Weight Loss Tip: Have Realistic Goals

Weight Loss Tip 46 - Have Realistic GoalsWeight Loss Tip 46 - Have Realistic Goals
Weight Loss Tip 46 - Have Realistic Goals

Weight Loss Tip 46 – Have Realistic Goals

Realistic goals are the key to weight loss success.

The biggest threat to successful fat or weight loss is becoming discourages.  Confidence is the key to success.  If you create a lofty, unrealistic goal, you are more likely to become discourages.  Every day, someone starts a diet looking to lose a massive amount of weight.  As a physician, I have found that the most reliable way to predict the failure of a diet is based on the size of the weight loss goal.  This method is especially true if you over estimate the weight loss that is attainable over a period fo time.  For example, you can safely lose 2 pounds a week, so if you plan to lose 30 pounds in 2 months, you are likely going to fail without a gastric bypass.  Even with a gastric bypass, most will be unlikely to meet that goal.  

We all know how to set a realistic weight-loss goal, and you need to use a little common sense.   I recommend that you look at a short and long term goal.  For example, plan for 5 pounds lost in 2-3 weeks and 20 pounds in 4 months.  This plan is an attunable and realistic goal.  

The bottom line: Be realistic! If you want to lose weight, set a realistic weight-loss goal that you can actually achieve.

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