Weight loss tip: Hold the bread and rolls

Skipping the bread can help you lose some fat rolls.

White Bread
White Bread

When out at a restaurant, ask the server to hold the bread. I would never argue that a little bread and olive oil with your dinner is not a fantastic and flavorful way to start each meal. The is nothing like a good French or German bread with Danish butter. The problem with most bread is that they are unneeded and essentially nothing more than empty calories.

American and modern bread is so highly processed that they are low in fiber and have to be enriched with vitamins and minerals to be of any nutritional benefit. You simply do not need bread and breaking a little bread is nto doing anything other than adding calories and padding your midsection.

Instead of partaking in the this low nutrient and high-calorie food, I recommend that you skip the breadbasket. Instead, have a serving fo fruit or vegetables because they will do more to help you lose weight and keep you full longer. If you must have bread, pick one with at least 4-5 grams of fiber to slow the absorption and insulin spikes that store the fat in your midsection.

You can also choose more sensible snacks such as nuts. The fat and fiber found in nuts will keep you satiated. The satiating effects will end with you less likely to reach for the bread and butter or whatever your comfort food is. The best part is you will swapping out unhealthy fats for healthy ones.

Weight loss tip: Hold the bread and rolls
Weight loss tip: Hold the bread and rolls

The bottom line: Modern bread is highly processed and we do nto need it to live. It is rapidly digested and absorbed leading to insulin spikes and less satiety. Choose healthier options such as nuts or a fruit and vegetable tray.

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