Weight Loss Tip: Increase Your Water Intake

Weight Loss Tip 91 - Increase Your Water IntakeWeight Loss Tip 91 - Increase Your Water Intake

Drink More Water and Lost Weight

Weight Loss Tip 91 - Increase Your Water Intake

Weight Loss Tip 91 – Increase Your Water Intake

Water bottle in fitness

Water bottle in fitness

Water is an essential part of your diet.  Your body is 50-60% water and it needs it for everything from digestions to clearing toxins from your cells.  Water is also essential for weight loss because water contains zero calories.  Water can be an excellent tool for managing your weight and is necessary for every process in your body.  If you do not get enough water, your body will not operate correctly. 

The question is how much is enough?  The answer to how much water you need is not a clear question, and there are many suggestions for opinions out there.  The one thing that is certain is that too much water is just as bad as too much.  If you have a history of heart or kidney failure, you must be very careful not to overload your body.  With these illnesses, your body may not be able to handle the extra water.  If you have any concerns or questions, talk to a medical provider.

So how much water?  I usually recommend the rule of 2.  The rule of 2 is a simple, and you can perform the calculation in your head.  Divide your weight in pounds by 2, and you will get an estimate of the ounces of water you need to function efficiently.  So, for example, a 200-pound male would need 100 ounces of water.  There are 8 ounces of water per cup, so this individual would need about 12 cups of water per day.  It may sound extreme, but this a reasonable estimate.  If you exercise or operate at high altitudes or in a hot environment, you may need more water.  

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The bottom line: Drinking enough water can do more than help weight loss.  It will help you feel and look your best.  When you drink plenty of water, you keep your body healthy and hydrated.

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