Weight loss tip: Invest in single-serving containers.

Weight Loss Tip 135 - Invest in single-serving containersWeight Loss Tip 135 - Invest in single-serving containers

Buying single serving contains for leftovers can help with weight loss.  

Weight Loss Tip 135 - Invest in single-serving containers

Weight Loss Tip 135 – Invest in single-serving containers

Meal Prep Contianers

Meal Prep Containers

One of the biggest threats to a slim waistline is going back for seconds.  We all have leftovers and the temptation is to polish off everything that you cook for each meal.  If you buy single-serving containers and use them to store leftovers,  they can help you reduce your consumption of food by allowing you to store a small amount of food in a container that is the perfect size for a small snack or meal the following day.

In my opinion, one of the most important weight-loss tips is to control your portion size.  Many of us will prepare a recipe for a meal and end up cooking more food than we need for the number of people we are serving.  If you store the meal in the pot in which it was prepared, the temptation is to eat it form the pot.  While leaving it in the pot saves time in the short run, it may mean that you eat more than you need at the next meal.  It is way too easy to overeat when you were taking your serving from the pot to your plate.  Portion size containers make it easy to stay within a portion size.  

When you go to cook that next meal, make your healthy-cooking pay off by prepping the leftovers to use for additional meals throughout the week.  Dividing leftovers into proper portions and neatly packaged in you new single-serving containers will give big dividends in your weight loss endeavors.  If you have too much for the next 2-3 days, freeze some.  

The bottom line:  Single-serving containers are likely to lower your calorie intake and thus help with weight loss.  By portioning off the leftovers, it can help you prep for the week’s meals and reduce your intake today.  

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